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      The Transits

A Human Design chart is fixed at the time of one's birth with specific gate activations as shown by the red & black bars in the body graph.  Those gate activations are determined by the positions of the Sun, Earth, Moon and other planets; however, as we all know the planets don't stand still.  They continue on their journey through the celestial heavens and continue to have an influence on our daily lives. 

Although they no longer have any permanent effect on the gates in our Designs, they nevertheless exert their particular form of expression on each gate they traverse.  As they move from one gate to the next, they create different conditioning fields that affect our entire society as a human collective.  These changing conditioning fields are known as the "Transits" and may have beneficial and/or devastating impacts on our lives. The purpose of the Weekly Gate Activations newsletter is to alert you to these potential impacts.

The good news is the conditioning of the Transits is only temporary.  The bad news is the conditioning of the Transits is only temporary.  Whatever effect they have, beneficial or not, that effect will change by the next day.  It is important to understand that these impacts are only the energetic expression of that day and that tomorrow will bring a new expression.  The best way to make sure you don't get caught up in the fickleness of the Transits is to live out your Design by following your Strategy and Authority.  Following your specific Strategy is like having an umbrella to protect your from the driving rain; honoring your Authority is like having a flashlight when the power goes out during the storm.  Together, they'll get you through any passing energetic "weather front" the Transits might whip up.
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                                                    Weekly Design Gate Activations

Week of:   Mar 14th to Mar 20th, 2011

On-Going Global Definitions: 

M-Su: 57-10 Channel of Perfected Form; Design of Survival;

This Week: 

W: 13-33 Channel of the Prodigal; Design of Being a Witness;

Th: 6-59 Channel of Connecting; Design of Fertility;

F-Su: 22-12 Channel of Openness; Design of a Social Being;
        25-51 Channel of Initiation; Design of Being First

Sun/Earth Theme(s): 

M-Th: 36/6 Crisis & Conflict
The experience (and subsequent resolution) of changes that invoke strong
emotional responses which, if unclear, can have a destablizing effect on your surroundings.

F-Su: 25/46 Innocence & Serendipity
The Love of all things, unconditionally; and the synchronicity of being in the right place at the time.

Morning = 8am; Afternoon = 2pm; Evening = 8pm


Living your Strategy and honoring your Authority are the best ways to avoid getting caught in the daily currents conditioning the world.  I prepare the following write-ups to help you avoid the traps of the “Not Self” so you can focus more on the True You.  When you live out the beauty of who you really are, you can watch others being manipulated by these conditioning elements.  If you so choose, you can help them to live out who they really are by being a daily example for them to follow.


Weekly Overview:

The first part of the week seems energetically smooth enough as we progress through the emotional energies of Crisis and Conflict and their resolutions.  By Friday, however, there will be a rather sharp change in the energies affecting our world.  The Nodes shift gates, the Sun/Earth theme changes and with them we get two Global Definitions that will be around for at least several days.  The first is the Channel Of Openness with its potential for emotional moodiness as well as its social graces that can open doors.  The second is the Channel of Initiation with its competitive energy and its constant desire to explore new frontiers by jumping in with both feet.

Our Nodal perspectives continue to influence our social interactions through the Gate of Behavior of the Self and the Gate of Extremes, Gates 10 and 15, respectively.  However, they move into new gates on Friday bringing a completely different aspect to our social interactions.  For the next several months, we can expect the energies of Ideas and Social Caution, Gates 11 and 12, respectively, to dominate.  Moreover, this move brings the South Node and Mars together in defining the Channel of Openness for the remainder of the week and the first part of next week.

As for the outer planets, this week has some interesting shifts in the first 3: Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.  Jupiter continues to move rather quickly through the Gate of Control (Gate 21) shifting on Tuesday from the 2nd line expression of using force to cease interference to the 3rd line energies of futility in the struggle against superior forces and the resulting withdrawal of any further attempts.  Not satisfied with this position, Jupiter shifts again on Sunday into the 4th line expression of Strategy where careful planning leads to success in response to circumstances and conditions.

Meanwhile, Saturn continues to join the North Node in defining the Channel Of Perfected Form and firmly anchoring the energy of survival and right behavior when guided by the intuition but only for a few more days!  On Friday, we'll see a dramatic shift take place as Saturn joins the Nodes in moving into a new gate: Depth (Gate 48).  Here, this tough teacher brings the lessons of the "never-ending supply".  This is the energy to give so deeply that the giving, itself, becomes a source of replenishment.  Of course, the duality remains that some will opt to give on a more superficial level which will still have merit but not the motivation required to instill true appreciation.

Uranus carries on in the universal Love energy of Gate 25 but shifts from the existential stance it's enjoyed in line 2 to a more sensible energy as the 3rd line expression brings the realization that innocent action will not guarantee success.

Neptune and Pluto, however, remain quite content in their current surroundings.  Neptune stays steady in the 6th line energy of Gate 30 bringing the ability to maintain the discipline to do what is right.  Pluto, meanwhile, remains firmly anchored in Gate 58 focusing on enjoying Life to the fullest by choosing the right activities for oneself.  Of course, this means by following your Strategy and honoring your Authority and, ultimately, Living Your Life … by Design!


Today's Sun/Earth theme reflects the "social then not" cycle of the 2nd line energy of the hermit.  This energy gets expressed through selective interactions with others.  Emotional and or physical support will find its way to those who need it most, but not necessarily in abundant supply. 


Today's 3rd line expression comes in the form of "Transition" and "Allegiance."  In other words, this is the turning point where darkness starts to yield to the light, although there may still exist some emotional attachments to the past.  Moreover, the connections we've made help us to continue moving through the darkness and into the light of new endeavors and new unions.
The 4th line stance of social connectedness dominates today's theme.  In terms of the Sun's energy of Crisis, this means the sharing of appropriate knowledge to either avert or to overcome the present challenges; however, sometimes this knowledge is only available for a price.  Meanwhile, the Earth's energetic expression of the energy of Conflict lies in the potential for emotional dominance in relationships.  In other words, the one who holds the reigns of power in the relationship may start wielding that power.


The seductive and mature energy of the 5th line leads the way today.  In terms of Crisis, this means the emotional awareness that there is no crisis that one cannot survive.  For the more grounded energy of the Earth, the 5th line expression of Conflict lies in arbitration.  Here, the conflict seeks the sensitivity of others who defer to a higher power in order to judge the outcome.  By tonight, the Channel of Connectedness (also called the Channel of Mating) comes into Global Definition.  This brings the motorized energy of the Sacral center into the mix and allows for the germination of the seeds of change brought forth earlier today.


Today sees a major energetic change across the board.  Not only do we start a new Nodal Perspective we see two new Global Definitions as well.  (See the weekly overview for details.)  Moreover, we enter the final stages of the energies of Crisis and Conflict in their 6th line expressions.  For Crisis, this translates into the awareness that all things eventually pass, including the challenges that face us today!  Conflict, also, brings the awareness that not all conflicts end with the annihilation of the enemy.  Sometimes, there can be a win-win ending to conflict if both sides are willing to entertain the energy of the Peacemaker!


Today sees the beginning of new Sun/Earth theme bringing the energies of two of the Love gates: Innocence and Serendipity (also known as the Spirit of the Self and the Determination of the Self, respectively).  These gates bring the energy of unconditioned Love and of being in the right place at the right time.  The foundational nature of today's 1st line expressions of these energies results in selfless service to others that may bring unintended attention - in a good way!


The 2nd line expression of today's theme brings a devotion to the moment, a focus on the Now, in an effort to maintain one's innocence which may appear to be self-serving and inadvertently offend others.  Fortunately, the Global Definitions of Initiation and Openness bring the potential for one's dedication to be perceived as a leadership quality in social situations which may lead to new opportunities and connections.


As always, use your own personal Strategy and honor your Authority to have the proper guidance for your actions each and every day!

 That brings another week to a close, but remember – you can navigate these conditioning patterns easily and effortlessly simply by using your Strategy and Authority and by Living Your Life … by Design!


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