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Services Offered

Many Hands Together 

Healing Hands Fellowship is your gateway to many healing arts practitioners who encompass knowledge and experience in both Western Medicine and more traditional ancient Eastern Healing Arts.  These services range from homeopathy to reiki; registered nurses to shamans; and massage therapy to spiritual guidance and awareness.  There are truly no limits to the kinds of services you may find here.  No one style, technique, practice or even practitioner stands above any other - they are all equally important pieces in the puzzle of the bigger picture.  All of them come together to offer the most comprehensive health "system" in the world. 

The Hands of Healing Spirit Ministries 

Over my 25+ years of performing energy work, I have studied many different healing modalities and have developed my own unique style of hands-on-healing.  I have combined my knowledge of and skills with the various techniques to incorporate a "healing component" with every touch.  Today, I offer a variety of services aimed at improving physical health and well-being ranging from what I call Healing Massage to Reiki to other more esoteric methods of achieving a balanced energy flow in the body.  

When your body's own natural energy pathways and centers are open and receptive to free-flowing energy, it may more easily rid itself of unwanted and unnecessary energies.  I believe strongly in the body's ability to heal itself when it has unencumbered access to all of it's many parts.  Pain, illness and general discomfort come from blockages of the body's natural pathways; removing blockages and re-establishing the smooth flow of energy throughout the entire body promotes health and wellness that some people have not experienced in many years.  My own unique style of hands-on-healing identifies and removes these blockages to wellness.

Allowing the energy to flow freely throughout the body will help you experience more focused concentration; less stress; more physical energy and awareness; a general relaxed attitude; and with focused, repeated application may help alleviate the discomfort of chronic pain/illness or even remove it entirely.  For example, I have had success in relieving my clients' allergy symptoms (headaches, muscle aches, even congestion and running noses!) with my Healing Touch technique; I have even alleviated the breathing difficulty and snoring of one client due to a deviated septum allowing him to finally experience a restful night's sleep without the need for cumbersome and invasive nasal sprays which only offered temporary relief that did not last the entire night.

My techniques are not miraculous as some will want to believe; they are merely the body's returning to a more natural state which promotes health & wellness.  For most people, it took years to get to the physical/energetic state in which they find themselves.  Although it will not take years to correct, it may take several sessions to return your body to a state of natural maintenance and ability to heal itself. For this reason, I offer several types of services:

  • Healing Massage - massage techniques used to help find and open any energy blockages you may have anywhere in your body;
  • Healing Touch - the specific use of "pressure points" to locate and open up areas of depressed energy flow;
  • Reiki - the use of Reiki energy to help stimulate the body's natural ability to heal by treating the underlying cause of each pain/illness regardless of what patient or practitioner believes the cause to be.

Important: Please understand that I am only a tool used to help you in your own healing process.  My hands-on techniques will help to identify and remove blockages to wellness that you may have carried for years - that is only the first step.  The true healing takes place once your body's own systems have an open access to all areas.   My role is to facilitate your body's access and bring in the energy needed to help empower it to do the remarkable things it was designed to do.  In short, I am only the technician, you are the true Healer!

To schedule your appointment, please visit our Rates & Services page.

The Healing Hands

I have been extremely blessed in my life to have met and become friends with many, many loving souls who have heeded the call to follow Spirit's guidance for the betterment of themselves and others.  It is my great pleasure to introduce them to you here.  The many "Healing Spirits" listed here are known to me personally and I am humbled by their dedication to helping others and by their great abilities in their respective healing arts.  These are the myriad hands of the Healing Hands Fellowship

For my own part in the Fellowship, I am pleased to be included in the list below of Healers and offer my own brand of hands-on-healing techniques.  Feel free to browse the list of Healing Spirits below and either contact them directly using their details listed in the table or contact me if you prefer.  Everyone listed below is known to me personally and I have either worked with or had a healing session (or both!) with each of them.  I will be happy to speak with you, FREE of charge to help you determine which healing modality and/or practitioner may be best suited for your particular needs.  I will also be happy to make the introductions on your behalf, but you will have to make the appointment and arrange payment for services on your own as I am not involved in anyone else's practice nor do I receive any commissions from anyone listed below.

 NamePractice/Services Offered
Contact Info
Best Way to Contact
Rev Ric
Healing Massage, Healing Touch, Reiki, Human Design Readings, Spiritual Guidance
 Contact Us page
Contact Us page
Shamanic Practitioner, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Coach, Human Design Specialist DulcyHays@aol.comemail
JoyRemote (distance) healing sessions using a combination of methods but primarily Yuen method; also provide energy healing services for pets
jdepominville@comcast.net 510-972-5079either
David Byrnside
Reiki classes in level 1, 2 and 3a, Hands on Reiki, Distance Reiki, Stone energy work, Tarot and group meditations


Barbara AndrewQuantum® Touch, Angelic Life Coaching, Bailey Flower Remedies
Provides synergistic services with distance healing a definite specialty!



If, for whatever reason, your name does not appear in this list and we know each other personally, then please contact me and let me know your details so I may add you to this directory.

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