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Public Television Can Change Your Life!

When I was a child, I used to get migraine headaches before doctors even thought about migraines.  They weren’t the intense pain kind of headaches (except for once) but they did provide a constant low ache that lasted 4-5 days.  They were intolerable!!  Doctors didn’t know what was causing them, nor did they know how to relieve them.  My body was too resistant for normal aspirin and over the counter pain relief medication.  No pharmaceutical did any good.  Without the ability to diagnose a cause or determine an illness, I was forced to search alternative methods of release from the numbing pain that gripped my head and brain.

Then, at the age of 11, I saw what proved to be my salvation: a PBS special on Biofeedback!  I didn’t have the fancy machines they showed on TV, but I had the determination to be pain-free.  I listened intently to what the narrator of the educational program said and vowed to learn how to control my body temperature, heart rate and pain reception by just simply “thinking about it.”  The program planted the thought that I could control my body enough to alleviate the pain I felt without resorting to drugs that offered no relief but a myriad of possible side-effects.  I practiced and in time became quite adept at regulating my body’s autonomous functions – I was closer than I ever was to being pain-free.

An "A-Ha" Moment

As I grew older and learned more about how the body worked (all the electrochemical reactions taking place) I came to the realization that “it’s all energy! If that much energy governed the internal activities of my body, then there must have been much, much more energy governing the external activities and perceptions.  I started learning more about the incredible feats performed by the gurus in India; the shamans and medicine men of the native peoples of the western hemisphere; the philosophy behind the ancient practices of acupuncture and acupressure.  I even studied the western version of these healing arts known as reflexology.

In my high school years, I discovered that I could apply the same techniques I used to remove my own aches and pains to my friends’ bodies.  I began doing energy work on my friends and relieving them of the numerous ailments that besiege adolescents.  In time, I learned how to incorporate all the things I studied – acupressure, massage techniques, energy flow, etc – into one comprehensive health improving approach.  Throughout both my later high school years and my college years, I continually honed this approach and have offered my services to others ever since.

The Fellowship Founded

For over 25 years now, I have been focusing my healing energy and that of the Loving Universe on the healing of both physical and non-physical afflictions of all those seeking relief.  Moreover, I have met and formed friendships and alliances with other energy workers throughout the US, Canada and other countries around the world – if I don’t have the skills necessary to assist you in becoming pain-free, I know someone who does!

From these connections came the birth of the Healing Hands Fellowship.  I know my skills are great, but I also know that my skills alone are not enough to heal the entire world.  In consultation, I can let you know whether my services or those of another skilled practitioner would best serve your needs.  Please note that most of these practitioners are quite adept at performing their healing techniques even over the phone.  There will be no need for you to travel to where these “healing spirits” live or for them to come to you.  Consultations with me to determine your needs and best path to healing are always free; however, you may be expected to work out payment arrangements with the practitioner with whom you contract. 

The list of Healing Hands in the Fellowship is ever growing as more and more people are called to be of service to others.  You can see that list in The Healing Hands section of this site as well as the many services offered by these individuals.  For a more complete description of the services I offer through Healing Spirit Ministries, please see the Services Offered section on the next page or to schedule an appointment, visit the Rates & Services page.

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